Sunday, 5 January 2014

How to grow taller... have your tried these yet?

Needing a helping hand to reach new height.. literally. Being taller will help your job prospects and too and not just your social life. I could go on forever about the pros of being tall.. but I really dont want to bore you with all of that after you are here aren't you looking for a way to grow taller so you must already know just how much better life would be if your were a bit taller. Firstly let me mention a method that works perfectly all the time.... Whats that? Well I first found this out on the physiqumorpher (I am always checking out that site for unconventional but doctor approved and safe little help tip bits)  Well shoe lifts are the answer for anyone being small. You maybe thinking that just like elevator shoes you may get a whole bunch of stick for wearing them but honestly you wont.. the reason people wear elevator shoes are laughed at is because those things are so ridiculous obvious with their high heels and all so obviously people who wear them will be laughed at as folks notice them.. but the good thing about shoe lifts which set them apart from elevator shoes is the fact that these insoles are hidden!!!!!! Honestly I have tried everything else and have failed countless times with diets and stretching exercises which I just forgot about and didn't do. But with shoe lifts you just place the little insoles in your shoes and forget about them and you will be 3 inches taller! Now this may sound to be good to be actually true and I thought so but I decided after doing everything else that I might as well wear them and to my surprise they worked and I managed to fool everyone into thinking I had a growth spurt and grew a bit taller haha!

Tell me in the comments below if these work for you!?